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Accountability Quiz

Nonprofit Board members and senior managers, and their attorneys, should be able to answer the following ten questions:

Does your nonprofit organization...

1. Operate programs that are not within the authorized "purposes" of your organization?
2. Make board decisions in a manner inconsistent with the organization's by-laws?
3. Fail to comply with all Better Business Bureau standards for fundraising and nonprofit governance?
4. Fail to file annual financial reports with the Internal Revenue Service or New York State Attorney General?
5. Communicate with elected officials or government agencies about legislation without registering and reporting in ways that comply with federal, state or local lobbying laws?
6. Cover expenses under one government contract with funds from another contract?
7. Fail to remit payroll withholding taxes to federal and state authorities?
8. Set compensations and give raises to senior employees without salary and compensation information from similar nonprofits?
9. Treat regular staff workers as consultants rather than employees, or award comp time but not overtime pay to non-management staff who work beyond regular hours?
10. Have personnel policies that do not advise staff members and their supervisors about current personnel practices?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you could be ignoring problems that jeopardize your nonprofit's future operations. Get the right legal assistance to address these and other accountability issues.

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