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Winter 2019

  • NEW design: Welcome to our 50th Anniversary Year
  • Rising Cost of Real Estate Affects Nonprofits
  • Supporting Workforce Development
  • 2018 Cornerstone Awards
  • Friends Profile
  • Law Firm Appeal Co-Chairs

Autumn 2018

  • Making New York City a Greener Place
  • Nonpartisan Election-Related Work
  • Fundraising Law
  • Meet Lawyers Alliance's New Board Chair
  • Law Firm Appeal Results

June 2018

  • Community Arts Organizations
  • Supporting the Safety Net for Vulnerable Youth
  • 2018 Business Law & Leadership Gala
  • Outcome Measurement System

March 2018

  • Access to Capital and Credit
  • Federal Tax Reform
  • Nonprofits Serving Aging Populations
  • National Day of Service
  • Law Firm Appeal Co-Chairs

January 2018

  • Quality Education
  • 2017 Cornerstone Awards
  • Immigrant Populations
  • Data Security and Privacy
  • Law Firm Appeal

Spring 2017

  • Neighborhood Revitalization
  • 2017 Business Law & Leadership Gala
  • Risk Management through Waivers and Disclosures
  • Firms Recognized for Pro Bono Excellence

Winter 2017

  • Helping Homeless Populations
  • 2016 Cornerstone Awards
  • A Lawyer's Role in Good Fiscal Management
  • Nonprofits Leveraging Technology
  • Law Firm Appeal Co-Chairs
  • Friends Profile

Autumn 2016

  • Children's Services Organizations Navigate Medicaid Redesign
  • Establish Better Relationships Through Contracts
  • Law Firm Appeal
  • New Board and Staff Members

Spring 2016

  • Financial Inclusion
  • 2016 Business Law & Leadership Gala
  • Voter Registration and Other Nonpartisan Political Work
  • In-House Corporate Counsel
  • New York State Bar Association Award to DLA Piper

Winter 2016

  • Homeless Services Organizations
  • 2015 Cornerstone Awards
  • Risk Management
  • High Volume, High Impact Campaign
  • Law Firm Appeal Co-Chairs

Autumn 2015

  • Workforce Development
  • Nonprofits and Public School Programs
  • Law Firm Appeal
  • Lawyers Alliance Educational Materials

Spring 2015

  • Community Arts Groups
  • 2015 Business Law & Leadership Gala
  • Getting Organized: Incorporation and Tax Exemption
  • Volunteer Support

Winter 2015

  • Medicaid Redesign
  • NYC Housing Plan
  • "Non-Traditional" Workers at Lawyers Alliance
  • New Lawyers Alliance Board Chair

Autumn 2014

  • 45th Anniversary Issue
  • 2014 Cornerstone Awards
  • Law Firm Appeal
  • Friends Profile

Spring 2014

  • Nonprofit Revitalization Act
  • 45th Anniversary Business Law & Leadership Gala
  • Alum Profile
  • New York State Bar Association Award to Dechert LLP

Winter 2014

  • Youth Transitioning to Adulthood
  • 2013 Cornerstone Awards
  • Proposed IRS Regulations
  • FYE14 Law Firm Appeal Co-Chairs
  • Friend Profile

Autumn 2013

  • Lawyers Alliance Launches Urban Health Program
  • Executive Compensation Regulations in New York State
  • Pro Bono Lawyers Assist School Groups
  • Law Firm Appeal Outcome
  • Friend Profile
  • New Board Members

Spring 2013

  • Lawyers Alliance Expands Its Work with BIDs
  • Real Estate Financing for Charter Schools
  • 2013 Business Law & Leadership Gala
  • Alum Profile
  • New Board Members and Staff Changes

Winter 2013

  • Legal Assistance and Information for Nonprofits Affected by Hurricane Sandy
  • 2012 Cornerstone Awards
  • New Publication: Charting the Course
  • Law Firm Appeal Co-Chairs
  • Alum Profile

Autumn 2012

  • In-School and Afterschool Programs
  • Managed Long Term Care
  • New Officers and Members of the Board
  • Alum Profile
  • Law Firm Appeal Outcome

Spring 2012

  • Environmentally Sound Economic Development
  • Low-Income Housing
  • 2012 Business Law & Leadership Gala
  • Nonprofit Executive Compensation
  • Alum and Staff Profiles

Winter 2012

  • Lawyers Alliance Launches Community Arts Initiative
  • 2011 Cornerstone Awards
  • Intellectual Property Protection for Nonprofits
  • Law Firm Appeal
  • Alumni Profile: Board of Advisors

Autumn 2011

  • Five Ways Nonprofits Can Enjoy Year-End
  • Planning for EarlyLearn NYC
  • 2010-2011 Law Firm Appeal Outcome
  • Alum Profile and Staff Profile

Spring 2011

  • National Nonprofits Improve Quality of Life in Low-Income Communities
  • Affordable Housing Development is a Priority at Lawyers Alliance
  • Business Law & Leadership Gala 2011
  • Alumni Profile

Winter 2011

  • 2010 Cornerstone Awards
  • Pro Bono General Counsel
  • New Officers and Directors
  • Law Firm Appeal Chairs
  • Alumni Profile

Autumn 2010

  • In Memoriam: Neal W. Johnston (1939 - 2010)
  • Fresh Food Choices for Disadvantaged Communities
  • 2009-10 Law Firm Appeal Outcome
  • CDFI Awards

Spring 2010

  • Promoting and Protecting Nonprofit Advocacy
  • Business Law & Leadership Gala
  • Creating Bylaws to Guide Board Conduct
  • Program Preservation & Alternative Revenue Considerations

Winter 2010

  • The First Steps Toward a Merger or Strategic Alliance
  • 2009 Cornerstone Awards
  • Law Firm Appeal
  • Weatherization in Low-Income Communities

Autumn 2009

  • Program Preservation: Alternatives to Reductions in Force
  • Lawyers Alliance Works to Strengthen Services for the Homeless
  • Lawyers Alliance 40th Anniversary Celebration

Spring 2009

  • At Forty, Lawyers Alliance's Founding Spirit Inspires Its Future
  • Forty Years of Connecting Lawyers, Nonprofits, and Communities
  • A Lawyers Alliance Timeline

Winter 2009

  • Coping with Economic Downturn: How a Nonprofit Board Can Help
  • 2008 Cornerstone Awards
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credits and Year 15
  • 142nd Street Block Association

Autumn 2008

  • Helping Nonprofits Lease, Sell, Buy, and Develop Real Estate
  • Elder Care Services Face Strains
  • Volunteer Support
  • Awards for Lawyers Alliance Clients

Spring 2008

  • Facing the Local Impact of a Struggling Nationwide Economy
  • Political Activity and Nonprofits During an Election Year
  • Robert S. Whitman Receives Lawyers Alliance Award for Pro Bono Leadership
  • Charter School Legal Assessment Day

Winter 2008

  • 2007 Cornerstone Awards Honor Outstanding Pro Bono Services to Nonprofits
  • Housing Development Fund Corporations
  • New Year's Resolutions for Nonprofits
  • New Staff and Board Members
  • February 2008 CLE Event

Autumn 2007

  • Enhancing Public Education Opportunities in New York City
  • Lifecycle of a Nonprofit Organization
  • Lawyers Alliance Elects New Chair and Vice Chair
  • Law Firm Appeal
  • Housing Pro Bono Works
  • Nonprofit Employment Law Helpline

Spring 2007

  • Linking Immigrants to Capital and Credit
  • Lawyers Alliance Takes Groundbreaking Role in NYC Housing
  • Michael Feinman Receives Lawyers Alliance's Award for Pro Bono Leadership
  • Lawyers Alliance Welcomes New LeBoeuf Extern Program
  • Nonprofits Benefit from Legal Help with Corporate Sponsorships

Winter 2007

  • 2006 Cornerstone Awards Honor Outstanding Pro Bono Service to Nonprofits
  • The New Year Brings a New Look to Lawyers Alliance
  • Legal Assistance Helps Children Get a Head Start
  • Law Firm Appeal for 2006-2007
  • Staff Changes Support Program Expansion
  • Upcoming CLE Workshop

Summer 2006

  • Personnel Management Riddled with Legal Pitfalls
  • Lawyers Alliance Aids Collaboration Among Workforce Development Organizations
  • Lawyers Alliance Launches New Tool to Assess Impact on Clients and Volunteers
  • Mark Brossman Receives Lawyers Alliance's Award for Pro Bono Leadership

Winter 2006

  • Nonprofit Housing Developers Help the Elderly To Age in Place
  • Lawyers Alliance for New York Honors Pro Bono Service At the 2005 Cornerstone Awards
  • New Staff Attorney at Lawyers Alliance
  • In Any Language, Accountability and Governance Are Important to All Nonprofits
  • Law Firm Appeal Tapping Generosity of City's Legal Community

Autumn 2005

  • The Role of Nonprofits in New York's Public Education System
  • Nonprofits During Election Season: Voter Registration, Get-Out-the-Vote Drives & Other Ways to Be Active Without Fear
  • Do You Seek Nonprofit Legal Information?
  • Dispensing Dollars & Sense: Pro Bono Lawyer Helps to Negotiate a New Lease for Community Credit Union

Summer 2005

  • Balancing Supply and Demand: New Collaborations for Workforce Development
  • Anniversary Campaign Exceeds Ambitious Goals
  • New York State Bar Honors Lawyers Alliance Volunteers
  • Sean Delany Named to IRS Advisory Committee
  • Externship Program Draws Talented Attorneys

Spring 2005

  • Lawyers Alliance Launches Elder Services Initiative
  • Why do Pro Bono Attorneys Volunteer for Lawyers Alliance?
  • Cornerstone Awards Honor Outstanding Pro Bono Business Law Services
  • Susan Berkwitt and Ed Greene Join Board

Autumn 2004

  • Nonprofit Accountability is Central to Lawyers Alliance's Services
  • Christine Rogers Named Chair of Board of Directors
  • Housing and Homeless Services Remain a Priority for Lawyers Alliance
  • 35th Anniversary Gala a Huge Success
  • Experienced Economic Development Attorney Joins Staff
  • Changing Your Organization's Name?

Summer 2004

  • 35 Years of Building a Better New York
  • A Brief History of Lawyers Alliance
  • Affordable Housing and Homeless Services: Helping more of our citizens to truly call New York "home"
  • Economic Development: Bringing opportunity to all of New York City's neighborhoods
  • Children and Youth Services: Looking out for the youngest New Yorkers
  • Strengthening Immigrant Communities: Helping support the new Americans in our city
  • Elder Services: Preparing to serve a rapidly growing population
  • Clients and Volunteers Cheer Lawyers Alliance in 35th Anniversary Video

Winter 2004

  • Lawyers Alliance Presents 2003 Cornerstone Awards to Pro Bono Leaders
  • Lawyers Alliance Announces its Immigrants Communities Initiative

Winter 2003

  • Lawyers Alliance Responds to New York City's Homeless Crisis
  • Lawyers Alliance Helps 9/11 Mental Health Agencies Address Timely Legal Concerns
  • Lawyers Alliance Works to Support Head Start Facilities Project

Summer 2003

  • Strategies for Nonprofits Coping with Financial Distress
  • Nonprofits Facing Lay-Offs Face Legal Concerns As Well
  • Lawyers Alliance Becomes Accredited Pro Bono CLE Provider