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Economic Development

Lawyers Alliance helps to train and place people in jobs, increase financial literacy and economic independence, attract lending and investment, and promote community vitality and stability in all five boroughs.

Clients include community loan funds, low-income federal credit unions, community development corporations, workforce development groups, business improvement districts and community revitalization organizations, faith-based groups, nonprofits involved in for-profit business ventures, and other economic development organizations.

Lawyers Alliance assists clients such as the nonprofit Community Environmental Center (CEC), the largest provider of weatherization assistance in New York State, and an organization with a particular focus on low-income and affordable housing units. CEC is the parent company of Build It Green! NYC (BIG!NYC) and nonprofit Solar One, and together they contribute to the "greening" of New York City.

With assistance from multiple attorneys at Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP, CEC is undertaking a thorough legal review of its operations, including weatherization services and the deconstruction/building materials recycling activities pursued through the BIG!NYC program, to attempt to reasonably allocate risk when removing salvageable materials from job sites and the resale of such items. These risk-mitigation and corporate structure evaluation efforts are expected to underpin the organization's positioning for continued expansion, and increased employment opportunities for its energy efficiency and "green" workforce teams. In the past three years alone, CEC has doubled its workforce, adding approximately 75 staff. During the last three years of weatherization, CEC has improved 15,099 units, saved residents $5.5 million in energy costs, and prevented the emission of 19,886 tons of carbon dioxide - the equivalent of taking 3,537 vehicles off the road.