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Request for Legal Assistance Form Please review instructions before completing

The following guidelines will assist you in completing the attached application:
  1. Answer all the questions, providing as much detail as possible, and attach additional sheets if necessary to complete the questions thoroughly. The more we know about a prospective client, the easier it will be for us to review its application and assess its legal needs.
  2. Attach the documents requested.
  3. Include brochures and other materials that show the mission, activities, staff, and other special features of your organization.
  4. Include documents related to the current legal need (i.e. copies of contracts, personnel policies, audits), if such information is known to you.
  5. Newly-forming organizations MUST provide:
    1. A business plan or narrative description of existing and planned programs;
    2. Documents confirming the amount and sources of funding; if you have not secured funding, provide copies of grant proposals or a fundraising plan;
    3. A three-year proposed income/expense statement; and
    4. Names and addresses of the organization's initial board of directors.
  6. Please make sure that you have included ALL of the required attachments.
If you have any questions, contact Lawyers Alliance Client Relations Coordinator at 212-219-1800, x 278.
1. Organization Information
2. Contact Information
3. Please list the purpose and/or mission of the organization.
4. Activities and programs.
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5. Future activities and programs
6. How long has the organization existed?
If incorporated, enclose a copy of your certificate of incorporation, bylaws and any amendments thereto. If tax-exempt, please enclose a copy of the IRS letter indicating your status.
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7a. How many members does the organization's board of directors have?
Optional File of Board Members
7b. How many employees does the organization have?
Optional File of Employees
8a. How many people does the organization currently serve (or if newly forming, how many people does the organization plan to serve)?
8b. What geographic region does the organization currently serve (or if newly forming, what geographic region does the organization plan to serve)?
9a. How much money has the organization received this year?
9b. Does this year's budget or funding include a line for legal fees?
9c. How much money has the organization spent in the last year?
Please include an annual report or income/expense statement (with a breakdown of income sources and expenses) for the most recent fiscal year. If you are starting a new organization, attach a three-year proposed income/expense statement-example attached. Sample Budget
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9d. Please list names of all private foundation, corporate foundation and government funders in the past two years:
9e. If the organization is newly forming, please list specifically where the organization has sought or plans to seek funding.
10. Describe as specifically as possible the legal problem for which the organization seeks assistance. (Please note that Lawyers Alliance provides only non-litigation legal services.)
If you have documents such as project proposals and budgets, legal papers, contracts, or letters relevant to your problem, include copies of them.
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11. Are there any affiliates of your organization involved in this matter? If so, please list them below.
Please attach the certificate of incorporation, bylaws, 501 (c)(3) determination letter, and names, titles, and addresses of all board members, for each affiliate.
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12. Does your organization have any other affiliates that are not involved in this matter? If so, please list them below.
13. Please identify the other party(ies) involved in this matter, if applicable, and explain their role.
14. If the organization has a need for ongoing legal advice, please list those issues for which it needs advice.
15b. If so, what is that lawyer's name and affiliation?
15c. What work has been done? Please specify if this work was on a pro bono or fee basis.
15d. Why is she/he no longer representing the organization in this matter?
16b. If so, what is that lawyer's name and affiliation?
16c. What assistance did she/he provide?
17. How and from whom did you hear about Lawyers Alliance's legal services? (check all that apply)

18. Please include any additional documents as needed.
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19. Form Completion
Verification Text:
NOTE: Please be sure that you have included all of the following. Your application will not be processed until our office receives all required information:

19b. Please state what action you took towards attachments on this form.


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