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Our Services 

Lawyers Alliance's quality, affordable services include:

Direct Legal Representation
Resource Call Hotline
Educational Programs

  Direct Legal Representation

Each year, Lawyers Alliance’s staff and volunteer attorneys represent more than 660 nonprofit organizations on more than 1,200 different legal matters.

Working together, they provide a full range of business and transactional legal services to nonprofit organizations. For example, our staff and volunteer attorneys can help organizations:

General Corporate
form a legal, tax-exempt entity
draft or revise by-laws and other corporate documents
prepare conflicts of interest, records retention or whistleblower policies
understand and prepare for liability and insurance issues
create and structure affiliate relationships
prepare and negotiate fiscal sponsorship agreements
obtain project financing
evaluate or undertake a nonprofit business venture
merge or enter a joint venture or strategic alliance

Taxation and Regulatory Compliance
seek certification as a community development financial institution
comply with fundraising laws and regulations
understand federal lobbying limits and state and local reporting requirements
understand rules regarding partisan or political activity
comply with IRS financial reporting and other disclosure regulations
review executive compensation and private benefit or related party transactions
resolve withholding tax or workers' compensation disputes
understand procurement rules or licensing requirements

Real Estate
acquire or sell real estate
review or negotiate a commercial or office lease
negotiate agreements with contractors, property managers, architects or social service providers
negotiate financing agreements with lenders, investors or syndicators
secure property tax exemptions
prepare and negotiate joint venture agreements

prepare or update personnel manuals and policies
obtain counsel when hiring, disciplining or terminating employees
review or prepare employment contracts for management employees
develop volunteer policies and procedures
understand laws on background screening and hiring of employees
properly classify employees under wage and hours laws
obtain counsel regarding state and federal anti-discrimination laws

Intellectual Property
copyright educational materials and other intellectual property
protect trademarks, tradenames and other identifiers
protect websites and other Internet materials
obtain releases or licenses regarding the use of photographs or program materials

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  Resource Call Hotline

We provide general information over the telephone on legal issues of importance to nonprofit staff and Board members, lawyers, regulators, and members of the general public. While we provide specific legal advice only to clients, we offer helpful information and referrals to hundreds of Hotline callers each year.

Call our Hotline at (212) 219-1800 x 224 and leave a message with your nonprofit legal question. A staff member will return your call with the answer you need or a helpful referral.

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  Educational Programs

Lawyers Alliance presents workshops and prints publications on broad range of legal topics relevant to nonprofit managers and Board members as well as the attorneys who represent them.

Please see our workshop schedule, list of publications and news and legal alerts to learn more.

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