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Case Closing Volunteer Questionnaire Online Form

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I was motivated to take on this pro bono representation because of: (Check all that apply):
Personal satisfaction
Client's legal need
Client's neighborhood
Client's goals & programs
Client contact
Lawyers Alliance co-counseling
Encouragement of pro bono by firm
I was assigned to this matter

On this pro bono project, I would estimate that my colleagues and I spent a total of:
Less than 20 hours
Between 51 and 100 hours
Between 201 and 300
Between 21 and 50 hours
Between 101 and 200 hours
More than 300 hours

As to the Lawyers Alliance staff attorney(s) assigned to co-counsel on this project:
I received assistance on this project - and it was helpful.
I did not need assistance - but it was good to know it was available.
I sought assistance on this project - but it was not helpful.
I did not know co-counseling was available to me through Lawyers Alliance.

I benefited from handling this project in the following ways: (Check all that apply)
Personal satisfaction
Client contact
Developed legal practice skills
Gained substantive legal knowledge
Fulfilled individual/firm pro bono goal
Worked with other attorneys in firm
I did not benefit

My work made a difference for this organization by assisting it to:
Form an entity
Acquire/lease property
Expand programs/services
Save money on legal costs
Secure project financing
Improve service to clients and community
Improve human resources management
Improve board governance
Save money in other ways
Connect it to other professional resources

Overall, my pro bono experience through Lawyers Alliance was:
Very Good

Please comment on your experience below - we really want to know!

I am interested in taking on another project from Lawyers Alliance: (Check all that apply)
Yes, for the same client
Yes, for a different client
Yes, but not at this time

I would be most interested in working on: (Check all that apply)
Incorporation and tax exemption
Real estate acquisition and sales
Real estate leasing
Contract review/negotiation
Bylaws and governance issues
Debt restructuring
Employment policies/counseling
Loan financing
Merger or strategic alliances

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